Windscreen replacement — Windscreen replacements in Grafton, NSW
If your windscreen is beyond repair or in a dangerous condition, you need the expert windscreen replacement service provided by the team here at Road Runner Windscreens of Grafton. Our fully equipped mobile units can carry out prompt and efficient windscreen replacements for all makes and models at highly competitive prices. Our team is highly professional and well-equipped, and we use the highest-quality products to perform your job. We will settle for nothing but the best whenever possible so get a free quote from the professionals.



The process involved in replacing a front, rear or side windscreens is essentially the same. First, we remove the moulds and any exterior coverings around the damaged glass and cut the glue, which holds it to the body of the vehicle. The damaged glass is then free to be removed.
Next, we trim the old glue and apply a primer to the body of the car and to the new windscreen. This promotes increased adhesion between the two materials ensures that no leaks occur.



Glue is then applied to the new front, side or rear glass and it is refitted to the vehicle. We then re-fit all of the external coverings that surround the glass. The glue will take a minimum of an hour to dry, and we recommend that the vehicle is not driven before that amount of time has elapsed.

For side windscreens, we first remove the door panel and vacuum all the shattered glass from inside the door and the vehicle. The replacement glass is then fitted to the door mechanism and tested to ensure that it is operating correctly. The door panel is then replaced, and the glass and vehicle are cleaned. In most cases, the drive-away time for door glass is straight away, unless glue has been used in some way to re-install the glass.

All of the glass that we install is provided to us by O'Brien, and as such complies with Australian standard AS/NZS2080:2006. This glass is used Australia-wide, and it is guaranteed against any imperfections. You can trust in the products and services we provide. We stand behind our work so much that we offer a 100% guarantee on all work in terms of defects.

Our fully mobile service allows you to wait in the comfort of your home or workplace and get on with your day instead of travelling to and from a workshop waiting for your vehicle. Our mobile units have all the equipment needed to expertly replace your glass on the spot, and our technicians have years of experience and training in fitting glass to even the most modern vehicles.


If you are in need of a windscreen replacement, get in touch with our team of professionals today. We’ll be glad to come out and take a look at your auto glass. We’ll also offer a free quote before getting started.
Car windscreen replacement — Windscreen replacements in Grafton, NSW

Cars & 4WDs


Our team can provide Advanced Driver Assistance System installations and full windscreen replacements on the front, sides and back for any car or 4WD. We service any make or model!
Truck windscreen — Windscreen replacements in Grafton, NSW



Whether you have a light duty or commercial truck, we provide Advanced Driver Assistance System installations and fast windscreen replacements so that you can get back to work sooner.
Bus windscreen — Windscreen replacements in Grafton, NSW



We can even service larger vehicles, such as buses. Our team is capable of handling jobs of all sizes.