ADAS Calibration in Grafton


ADAS Calibration — The Road Runner Windscreens team in Grafton, NSW
If you want to ensure your safety on the road and protect your vehicle from collisions, talk to Roadrunner Windscreens in Grafton about calibrating your Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) today.

Our team offers ADAS calibration for many vehicle types, helping to improve your awareness on the road and give you peace of mind when driving.

What does an ADAS do?

Utilising camera and radar technology, these systems take in data from your surroundings and are often used in conjunction with features like automatic emergency braking and cruise control.

Many systems can also provide information about road closures, congestion levels, driving performance and precautionary alerts, as well as helping the driver perform manoeuvres like parking and overtaking.

The features of your system depend on the type and age of your vehicle. Some newer systems exchange information with centres of infrastructure and transportation, which in turn facilitates future development and road planning.
ADAS Technology — The Road Runner Windscreens team in Grafton, NSW
ADAS Calibration Tools — The Road Runner Windscreens team in Grafton, NSW

Why does it need to be calibrated?

To ensure the precision of your system and the safety of your vehicle, our team will calibrate your ADAS in accordance with the specifications outlined by the manufacturer.

We believe in providing the best possible service for our clients, which is why we check your system is running exactly as intended. If your car needs a windscreen replacement and also has an ADAS, contact Roadrunner Windscreens in Grafton today.

Our technicians will recalibrate your camera and have you back in the road in no time. We offer full repairs, replacement and insurance work for personal and fleet vehicles.

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